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A Bigger World... The English-Speaking World... Is Waiting For You

As your conversation skills improve, something much bigger also change...


Your life begins to change.


You will have new opportunities, new respect, new places and new people will all come into your life... 


In three months, it's going to be a different world.


Let's begin...

Here's what the next three months inside School of Speaking looks like:

  • You get daily invitations to join small-group chat rooms and practice speaking English with other students in a low-stress environment. 

  • You get a weekly invitation to join Mr. Vig online for conversation, correction and feedback (these meetings are on different days and times every week to fit your schedule). 

  • You watch short, clear, simple video lessons in your free time and discover exciting new secrets for a fast memory, sensitive ears, strong confidence, and more...

  • You get the support and motivation that comes from being part of a community of  positive, like-minded students from around the world.

  • PLUS - there are a few surprise bonuses waiting for you... 

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“You and your methods and everything you suggested...that pushed me forward and helped me to open the door to the English speaking word and new adventures, friendships and possibilities:)”

Sylva Cekalova

Sprang Teacher

Czech Repulbic

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