Take a GIANT step to becoming a fluent English speaker when you finally master the MOST UNKNOWN 111 Power Words


And now you can master them FASTER and EASIER with Mr. Vig's done-for-you Speed System


Here's how...



Dear English Student,  


Want to speak fluent English? 


Then master the Power Words!


According to the newest research from Japan, the Power Words are the most important words in the English language; the words native speakers use in every conversation. 


And according to my 15+ years teaching English, there are 111 UNKNOWN POWER WORDS. 


These are the Power Words that almost every student is missing from his/her vocabulary. 


Master these unknown Power Words this month, and you will feel, and others will hear, BIG gains in your speaking, your understanding, your writing…even your confidence.


Here's how you can do that FASTER and EASIER... 

American English teacher and English vocabulary expert, Mr. Vig




My Power Word System uses science-based methods to put English words into your long-term memory so you can speak and understand easier.


And now you can do it faster -- because I will do all the work for you!


When you get my new Speed System, everything is already prepared for you! You just log in for a few minutes every morning to train your memory.


And in four weeks, you have 111 new Power Words ready to use to help you get whatever you want with English.  

Here's How  My Power Word Speed System Gives You A Native Speaker Vocabulary

1. You Begin With A Smart Strategy

In school you learned words you will never use.


I call that a dumb strategy. 


Using The Power Word Speed System, I give you only the most important, most valuable words in the English language… 


The words native speakers use in every sentence…


The words you absolutely must master if you want to finally become a fluent English speaker.

2. You Use The Hook & Hammer Method To Make Remembering Words Easy and Forgetting Hard

Think it’s difficult to remember and use new words? 


You’ll change your mind when you stop using the old methods and start learning words with “hooks” and start training your memory with “hammers.”  


The Hook & Hammer Method is based on modern university language research and used by memory champions and the world’s best language learners. 


With The Power Word Speed System, everything is already prepared for you. You just log into the members’ area for a few minutes a day and start mastering the words.

3. You Make Fast Progress With Mr. Vig's Personal Help… You Get Motivation And Encouragement From Your New Friends

Yes, you could learn the power words by yourself. 


But why would you? You don’t get extra points for doing it the hard way.


Language learning can be lonely, boring and frustrating. 


That’s why the best English students make it easier by finding English-speaking friends and getting native-speaker help. 


When you get Power Word Speed System you immediately become part of a friendly, international community of smart, ambitious English-learning adults.  




Every week you get to meet me online for a group practice and feedback session. 


If you want to activate new words and use them correctly... this is the best way. 


As soon as you join, I'll send you a survey asking you what the best day and time to meet is...


And TOGETHER we'll get amazing results!

If you have a limited vocabulary, you will also have a limited vision and a limited future.

Jim Rohn, American entrepreneur and Tony Robbin's first mentor

Here's What Some Of My Satisfied Students Are Saying 


"The plan I have for my life is only possible with English. I don’t want to retire. I want to start a second career. This will be my “dream job.” I want to help people who have health problems. But first I must be certified and for this I need English. Mr Vig’s vocabulary program helps me get closer to my dream. I’m happy that I meet the words he teaches me in real life and I’m able to use them in conversation soon after learning them."

Andrea M.

Telco CFO

Bratislava, Slovakia


"The words are very powerful. I hear and read them all the time now."

Cristina S.

Colonel, Romanian Armed Forces (retired)

Bucharest, Romania


"In my life I used many ways of learning vocabulary but I have to say that Mr. Vig’s approach is the best because I remember new words very fast and I’m able to use them in real life in two weeks."

Petr Soltes

Video Mapping Artist


Sumperk, Czech Republic


"Mr. Vig´s method is the fastest and most effective method I´ve ever tried. And what is the best, I can immediately use the new words in conversation or when listening to audio.

Sylva Cekalova

historical artisan

Prague, Czech Republic


"I didn’t believe that with my memory I was able to remember difficult words. But now I find it’s easy. I learned 180 words in five weeks.” 

Jiri Rudolf

I.T. Specialist


Prague, Czech Republic


"In the past, I tried to add to my vocabulary by using dictionary, but it's not working. After being stuck at lower intermediate level for a long time, finally I met Mr. Vig. I tried his vocabulary program and it worked! In fact, it was amazing.  I could finally remember words. Then during the pandemic I met online with suppliers from abroad, of course in English. I did it from my home , my wife and my son noticed my English and they said I had a lot of  improvements in term of speaking. 

Tanto Sugiarto

logistics executive

Jakarta, Indonesia


"I still remember all the words including those ones I learned a half year ago.“

Maria Spisakova

kindergarten teacher

Mlada Boleslva, Czech Republic

When You Get Power Word Speed Training... 

  • "Fast" conversation is now clear and easy to understand

  • You start thinking in English and stop translating every word in your head 

  • Words come to your mind faster so you can speak faster and easier

  • You stop worrying if you're using words correctly and you enjoy every conversation

Language is the one thing you can not hide.

Earl Nightingale, Father of the Self-Development Movement

Power Word Speed System Is For You If... 

  • You can understand me but it's still difficult to understand television and fast-talking native speakers
  • You’ve tried other methods in the past and are ready to try something new
  • You're not satisfied with slow results
  • You have at least 10 minutes a day to improve your English (15 or 20 will give you faster results)
  • You’re motivated because you know that better English means a better life 


You Get These FREE Bonus Trainings When You Join Before Midnight Wednesday (EST), September 29

My first job is to teach. And my second job is to motivate students to take action. That's why I decided to give you these valuable trainings for FREE.


Because I know with Power Word Speed System you'll get the results you need to change your life, here's some extra motivation to join now...


Power Words For Business & Money

    Ready for some more advanced Power Words? 


According to the same researchers in Japan who discovered the original Power Words, these 111 words are some of the most important words in business today. 


Master these words and use them to get what you want in business. 

Price: €249 FREE


Quick-Start Vocabulary Training

Class begins the first week in October, but you can get results today. 


Researchers at Stanford University recently discovered that practicing this technique for a few minutes a day greatly improves your ability to remember new words.

Price: €45 FREE


Speak Without Fear

    When you feel confident you speak better. Now you don’t have to wait for you English to improve — you can start feeling more confident today! In this training I teach you four confidence techniques used by the world’s top athletes to stay calm and cool in every situation.

Price: €97 FREE


Better Every Day

    What's next?


 You want to continue growing your vocabulary after you’ve mastered the 111 Unknown Power Words, right?


In this video training, I give you a clear, simple, step-by-step plan my private students use to easily and enjoyably master new words every day.

Price: €97 FREE




Quick-Start Vocabulary Training



Speak Without Fear 



Better Every Day



Power Word Speed System



One-time payment includes all three bonuses, life-time access to all the vocabulary training systems and four-weeks of live, group coaching with Mr. Vig.

334 €95

The total value of everything you get is €334. 


That means you get an immediate 82% discount.


And you save €239 when you join today. 


But don’t wait because this offer ends soon. 


I don't know when I will open it again to new students. 


And when I do open it again the price will probably be much higher.

You Will Master 111 Power Words And Speak The Best English Of Your Life In Four Weeks. Guaranteed.

Did you learn 111 words in 2021?


If the answer is "no", this is your opportunity to finish the year better than you started it. 


In fact, I’m so confident you will love the results you get, I’m giving you a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee.


But if, for any reason, you’re not 100% satisfied, just send an email to my assistant, Claudia, and she will return your money immediately, Monday-Friday. Here’s her email:

HURRY! This is your last chance to join us at this price! 

Click the button below to go to the next page where you can see everything you get. 


But don’t think about it too long because class starts soon! 


Good words are worth much, and cost little.

George Herbert, English Poet

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