A Special Invitation For Serious Students Who Want Massive Gains In English In The Next Few Weeks 

Dear English Student,


If you’re serious about improving your English…


If you’ve tried traditional methods and are ready to try something new…


If you MUST improve your English soon for your career or a better life…


Then I invite you to apply for one of my private coaching programs.

American English Coach Mr. Vig (also known as Ryan Viguerie) 

Private Coaching Is For You If....

  • You already know English but still have problems you want to fix.

  • You are already successful in your career and want to improve your English so you can have even more success.

  • You know how valuable it is to master English, and you are willing to work to become a master.

  • You know that speaking English will cause a MASSIVE CHANGE in your life and your career and you are ready to invest in your success (not just talk about taking action).

Private Coaching Is NOT For....

  • Students who can not understand a basic level of English (Intermediate and above is ok).

  • Students who are too busy to give at least one hour a day to English.

  • Students who are already happy with their level of English speaking. (If you think your English is good enough and don’t have any problems, private coaching isn’t for you.)

  • Students who like to complain or blame others for their lack of success. (Private coaching is for successful people who want more success.)

If that sounds like you, then I invite you to click on the link below and fill out the application. If I feel you’re right for the program, I’ll contact you and we’ll schedule a time to meet.


During the meeting, I’ll find out more about your daily schedule, your level of commitment, your habits, and your work. I’ll explain the system in more detail, and together we can find out if this program is right for you.


If I feel the program is right for you, I will invite you to join.


If I don’t feel it’s right for you, I will suggest some alternatives.


Either way is fine with me.


Still interested?


If yes, click on the link below to fill out the application form.



Mr. Vig

Some Of My Satisfied Coaching Students

Although I spent lots of time and money on language courses in the past, including the British Council, I still wasn’t confident. Now, thanks to Mr. Vig’s unique approach, I’m not nervous when I speak and I’m starting a new career where I’ll need a high level of English."

His Excellency Karel Urban

The Czech Ambassador of Montenegro

Intensity of this program is really surprising! Ryan taught me how to think in English. Thank you Ryan.

Tomáš Formánek

CEO Logio

"After the program I attended a conference in English and felt real progress. I was more relaxed and I could understand 30% better."



I didn’t believe that with my memory I was able to remember difficult words. But now I find it’s easy. I learned 180 words in five weeks.

Jiri Rudolf


“The biggest benefit is when I have to speak I have no problem now. My family agrees that I’ve made huge progress.”

Renata Novotná

Senior Project Manager, Czech Academy of Sciences

"When I have to speak in English now my mind is more responsive, thoughts come easier, and I actually think first in English."

Snezhana Stoeva

Prague Training Academy

Which Coaching Program Will You Choose?

Each program lasts four to eight weeks. Students can choose one or more. Coaching can be in-person in Prague or online with Zoom.


Rock-Solid Confidence

Yes, I want to finally kill my fear of speaking. I want to feel calm and relaxed when I speak English. 


Memory Master

Yes, I want to quickly and easily add hundreds of valuable, high-frequency words to my active vocabulary. 


Business Beast

Yes, I want to use English as a tool to get more customers, a better job, more money, and more respect. When I master the skills of professional presenting, persuasive writing and charming social conversation, I will become an unstoppable beast in business. 


The Fast & Easy Writer

Yes, I want to write emails, reports, essays, etc. quickly and easily. I want to write without mistakes and feel confident every time I press “send.” I want my ideas to be clear and my style to be professional.  


Six-Week Total Transformation Program 

This is an intensive program and only for students who must improve as fast as possible. Students who are accepted into this program must be willing to make a bigger investment in their future if they want to experience a total transformation.